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Primary Display - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Celebrate your loved one by surprising them with a popping display on their front lawn.

  • Letter size is approximately 24" tall by 18" wide
  • Letter color will be a single base color of red, blue, black, pink; all color options will have a white outline

Secondary Display - Theme Items

A touch of personalization will be added to the primary display via Theme Items.

  • Eight Theme Items are included with the primary display
  • Standard options are balloon, star, cake, heart, paw print, crown, American Flag and numbers
  • Color choice will be selected by Anything Letters, unless requested by customer

If you have any requests not covered by the options listed above please let us know.

Checkout List

Please review the list below to assist with Anything Letters providing your order to your needs.

  • Primary Color - Required (drop down on this page)
  • Delivery Date - Required
  • Delivery Address - Required
  • Secondary Display - Required: Selection of 8 items for theme
  • Secondary Display - Optional: Name(s) of person or title of special occasion | Add to comments section at checkout
  • Secondary Display - Optional: Numbers(s) for age, calendar day and or year | Add to comments section at checkout

Delivery and Pickup Information

The display will be set up at the location between 7-10pm on the delivery date listed in order. It will be picked up the following evening around the same time. If you'd like to purchase the letters permanently that can be arranged, as well, just call our office to make arrangements prior to delivery